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Andrea - RMT + Owner of Elementum

I met Andrea at a RAPID NFR course in her hometown of Edmonton. I was immediately drawn to her bubbly and outgoing personality, and we have been instagram friends ever since! Andrea is a powerhouse- not only is she an amazing RMT (voted best in YEG for several consecutive years), but also is a pilates and yamuna ball instructor. When massage was first shut down, she quickly turned around and started offering her movement classes online several times per week. I can't say enough great things about this lovely lady, so I recommend you follow her and check out an online class! You can find her at and on instagram at

What do you do for work and what inspired you to pursue your career path?

I'm a Registered Massage Therapist and a Movement Instructor. I have always loved dance and movement- after University I pursued a professional dance career and ended up performing all over North America and teaching throughout Canada. I returned to school to complete my massage therapy training in 2014 and ended up retiring from dance in 2018. During this time I started to develop therapeutic movement classes and workshops that allow people to connect with their bodies and to also help them rehabilitate or prevent injuries. From there, I've created 4 different classes and completed certification in pilates and Yamuna Body Rolling. Currently my massage practice is closed due to Covid-19 but I've transitioned all my classes to online and offer 5 weekly classes as well as one on one movement coaching.

What gets you excited to wake up in the morning?

Our little dog, Dolce. He's so excited to wake up and eat and go for a walk that it's hard not to love those moments with him which leads me to point 2...

Knowing that I'm going to go outside. I love going for long walks both by myself or with friends, it totally makes my day.

And music! I love music and creating playlists and using music to inform how I'm going to move or what I'm going to teach each day

What books and/or podcasts are you into right now?

My favorite author will always be Gabriel García Márquez  - his writing is lush, evocative, and magical.

What are you most excited for this summer?

I'm working on a secret movement project and that will take most of the Summer to create and get ready to launch. I'm also hopeful I'll get to spend some time with friends in closer quarters and maybe head out to Summerland.


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